Download, Opt-Out, and Delete your data from companies like Facebook and Google across the web from one dashboard.

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Comprehensive Control

Communicate your intent to data brokers and services that hold your data.

Private by Design

We never hold on to your data longer than we need to. Your data is deleted as soon as we finish our services.

Accessible Authority

Our tools empower you to dictate every aspect of your data's use and collection.

Instructive Visualizations

Dynamic charting and displays show you how your data is being gathered and used.



What is Reclaim?

Reclaim is a private, secure, and decentralized solution to data ownership. Download, opt-out, and delete your data from services across the web. We help you take control of your data from companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, as well as data brokers like Axciom and Experian.

Why Reclaim your data?

There are thousands of companies collecting information about everything you do online. They harvest your personal information and sell it to any data broker willing to pay for it, fueling a $200 billion industry. Data exists that details every move you make online, and only now is it becoming possible to access and control that data.

When will Reclaim be available for public use?

Reclaim currently offers a service to remove your information from over 100 data broker's websites. You can purchase the service by clicking here. We plan to add free, DIY tools to help you take control of your data by the end of the year.

What enables you to help me take control of my data?

New regulation, such as GDPR and CCPA, have opened gaps that allow consumers to reclaim control of their data. We make that process simple and easy for users, providing a one click solution to download, opt-out, and delete their data from hundreds to thousands of services with the click of a button.

Additional questions?

Contact us at info@reclaim.gg.

Ready to Reclaim your digital self?

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